Vaginal Laser Specialist

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Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center

Robotic Surgery & Cosmetic Gynecology Practice located in El Paso, TX

If you’re among the many women seeking to take control of their bodies after changes brought by menopause or childbirth, vaginal laser therapy may be your solution. Board-certified urogynecologist and internationally recognized robotic surgeon Richard Farnam, MD, and the team at Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center offer FemiLift vaginal laser therapy at their location in El Paso, Texas. If vaginal dryness, looseness, or atrophy is negatively affecting your quality of life, don’t hesitate to call or book an appointment online.

Vaginal Laser Q & A

What is vaginal laser therapy?

Vaginal laser therapy supports women’s health and well-being after experiencing changes that interfere with their intimate lives. Dr. Farnam and the team at Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center rely on the FDA-approved FemiLift laser for treating vaginal atrophy, dryness, and looseness.

As a board-certified urogynecologist, Dr. Farnam has the specialized medical expertise to determine the best course of treatment for your particular vaginal symptoms. When you seek treatment at Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center, you guarantee the greatest chance of long-term success.

How does FemiLift work?

FemiLift is a non-surgical, painless procedure that uses fractional CO2 laser pixel technology to revitalize, hydrate, and tighten vaginal tissues. The tube-shaped device delivers controlled laser energy inside your vagina.

The laser energy penetrates the tissues of your vagina, stimulating the growth of healthy new collagen and elastin. This may restore youthful vaginal health and increase the resiliency of vaginal tissues.

Who is a good candidate for vaginal laser therapy?

Events like childbirth, menopause, or even receiving cancer treatment can cause changes to your vagina. Many women experience vaginal laxity (looseness), dryness, or atrophy at some point in their lives.

You may be a good candidate for vaginal laser therapy if you experience one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal itching
  • Painful sex
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)

In addition to interfering with your romantic life, these symptoms can seriously affect your self-esteem. If any of these symptoms are bothering you, Dr. Farnam and his team can help.

What should I expect from a FemiLift procedure?

First, Dr. Farnam or a member of his team perform a thorough physical and pelvic exam to rule out any other potential problems, such as pelvic prolapse. Then, they recommend the best course of treatment for your particular needs.

FemiLift is a painless procedure that takes only 15 minutes. Unlike other vaginal therapies, there’s no downtime for recovery, and you can resume sex the same day. The number of treatments depends on your unique situation, but three sessions are common for optimal results.

To take control of your body with vaginal laser therapy, call Texas Urogynecology & Laser Surgery Center or book an appointment online.

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